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All of our handwriting gifts are extra special – a memento that replicates the handwriting of a loved one is something to be treasured for ever – we have engraved excerpts from a mother’s diary, messages of love from precious letters and cards, wedding day wishes from someone who can’t be there on the special day – all messages from the heart.

Our gifts are all engraved by hand (not a laser machine in sight!), and we can copy a loved ones handwriting onto this pretty glass photo frame. Please send us the sample of handwriting message using the ‘contact seller’ function when you place your order (or send to Please note that the message on this fame can be split into two parts, for the top and the bottom of the frame. The top of the frame is clear, but the bottom has a metal pole (for standing ) so this will sit in the middle of your message – please see our photos in the listing to see exactly what we mean.


Well, as we said before, we don’t use any laser machines or digital equipment, so your ‘handwriting’ gift will be engraved by hand especially for you, just like this: Our engravers have perfected the skill of copying a loved one’s handwriting and engraving it onto a variety of our glass gifts – we literally trace the writing through the glass with pen, and then engrave it on using a diamond tipped pendant rotary drill, adjusting by eye where necessary so that it looks lovely! A vacuum clean, then a polish and shine up…and there you have it – personalised by hand for you, with care and love.

Please note, the handwriting is hand engraved, not lasered, so we copy it by eye rather than it being an exact digital copy as you would get from a laser machined gift – hand engraving is not an exact science, but hopefully you can see from the photos on the listing that we are very good at what we do!!
Maximum of 60 characters in total on this item please, 30 along the top, 30 along the bottom (remembering to split the message)

This frame is Portrait style only, and will hold a photograph sized 8″ x 10″ (23cm x 25cm). The frame stands by means of a metal rod through the bottom, and is not suitable for wall hanging.
The main part of the frame is made from glass, the edging is shiny silver coloured plastic, and the rod is metal. Please note that the frame shown in some of the photos is the smaller version, 5 x 7 inches, but this size is currently out of stock.

Don’t forget that there is a metal pole in the centre of the bottom of the frame, so please bear this in mind when sending us your message as the message will either need to be engraved on one side of the pole, or be split by the pole.

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This section of text should not show on site…Personalised Glass Photo Frame

Personalised Glass Photo Frame- “Family.  Where Life Begins.  And Love Never Ends.”

A wooden handled claw hammer, hand engraved with any message in our unique calligraphy font. Ideal as a gift for instance Husband, Boyfriend, Dad or Uncle for Christmas, a special Birthday, or perhaps a romantic gift for an anniversary, because they are great.

We have engraved the hammer therefore with “Family. Where Life Begins. And Love Never Ends.” – or you can choose your own message if you prefer (maximum 50 characters) and just choose from the drop-down menu.

Add a message on the back and therefore make your gift special


Don’t forget to buy lots more gifts and presents from us as soon as you can, and recommend us to all your friends. Family occasions are a great excuse to buy everyone a gift from Cove Calligraphy Ltd

Description – Personalised Glass Photo Frame

We hand engrave all our gifts (not a laser machine in sight!) and your hammer has been made to order, therefore no two will be the same.  Wood colour for instance and grain may vary from the photographs but will be of the same quality.

Our calligraphy font was hand designed by us to fit nicely on all our products, and it adds a unique artistry to the product – so therefore see our about page for more information on our techniques and how our business began.

Our hammers are high quality hard working tools and should not be treated as toys because they are not therefore suitable for children!


  • Length – approx. 33cm Width – approx. 3cm max.
  • Hardwood handle
  • Forged drop steel head
  • Lightly sanded and rubbed with linseed oil after engraving.
  • Packed in coloured tissue paper, corrugated card and a new brown cardboard postal box.