Engraved Glass Valentine’s Heart


Engraved Glass Valentine’s Heart
This is a very special keepsake gift, a beautiful glass stand up heart, hand engraved with any message  – the perfect romantic gift

* Personalised crystal glass Heart
* Up to 30 characters included, engraved in our calligraphy font
* Made from the highest quality Optical Crystal (glass with no bubbles or imperfections)
* Heart stands up on its side
* 10cm x 10cm x 1.7cm
* Comes in a gift box
* Do not leave in direct sunlight

Message 30 in one place

Message to Cove



Engraved Glass Valentine’s Heart
This Engraved Glass Valentine’s Heart Gift sets off any occasion beautifully – and it’s hand engraved too!

Engraved Glass Valentine’s Heart

Glass Valentine’s Heart

Engraved by hand
Your own choice of messages
Elegant but practical design
See description for details on sizes and capacity

Engraving on Glass

Engraving is done by hand and using traditional techniques, and there is not a laser machine or sandblaster in sight!  The lettering is drawn out in our calligraphy font to make sure it will fit nicely, and then copied onto the glass using a non-permanent ink pen, because we found this works best for us.  Once that is done and we are ready to start engraving then it’s on with the mask and gloves. A large powerful vacuum extractor sucks up all the glass dust and we also use a bright illuminating spotlight.

To engrave, a pendant drill is used (very similar to a dentist’s drill) fitted with a diamond coated spherical burr.  This whizzes round at super speed and takes off a fine top layer of the glass. Our beautiful calligraphy font takes 2 coats because we use one for the initial lines, and then back again to thicken up all the down strokes, to give it that impressive italic quality.

Once the engraving is finished, the glass is given a good wash to remove any remaining pen marks, and then dried and polished to a high shine.

Our glass gifts are wrapped in navy blue acid free tissue paper, using corrugated card and scrunched up paper to protect the glass where we can, therefore avoiding plastic bubble wrap.   This all goes inside a new postal box, gets collected by Royal Mail, and then delivered to you!

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