Glass Coaster with Handwriting of Loved One



Personalised Glass Coaster engraved with actual handwriting
This beautiful glass coaster makes a very special gift when engraved with the handwriting of a child or loved one – a precious memory saved forever!

* Personalised Glass Coaster
* Hand engraved with actual handwriting (or our calligraphy font, choose from dropdown)
* Stunning jade clear glass with a bevelled edge
* Includes up to 50 characters
* Includes sticky pads for the base if you wish to use them
* Comes in its own card box
* Measures approx 10cmx10cmx6mm
* Just take a photo of the handwriting and send it to us – we will do the rest!
* Can be sent direct to the recipient – just change the delivery address when you order

Maximum of 50 characters of handwriting please – take a photo of your handwritten message and email it to us, along with your name and order number, to box when you place your order. The writing should fit into a square 8cm x 8cm.

Please note, the handwriting is hand engraved, not lasered, so we copy it by eye rather than it being an exact digital copy as you would get from a laser machined gift – hand engraving is not an exact science, but hopefully you can see from the photos on the listing that we are very good at what we do!!

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